A fresh take on the old agency model

COSYN was born from our experience working with and for agencies over the years. We were frustrated with the slow processes and lack of inventiveness that too often left creative projects feeling anything but. So, we decided to find a solution ourselves.

And here we are. We’ve rallied the kind of smart, independent minds that we dreamed of working with. And we’ve made it as simple as possible for companies to access all the advice and artistry of this unique brain trust of around 100 creative professionals.

Working with COSYN isn’t ‘outsourcing’. It’s not about giving a brief and waiting to see if your supplier nails it or not. We work together with our clients to co-create the right solution — with a budget and timeline that makes sense. No strings attached.

It’s not for everyone. We know that. But if you’re ready to take a fresh look at how you communicate with your clients, your people and the world at large, let’s get to know each other.

  • Arne Kötting
    Co-Founder, Consulting


  • Noer Paanakker
    Co-Founder, Development


  • Alexandra Bodden
    Co-Founder, Visual Communication