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Our story

By 2030, freelancers will comprise approximately 40-50% of the active workforce. People are seeking more freedom, self-determination and flexibility in their work.

This non-traditional model poses a challenge for companies, as building a winning team with the brightest minds requires new approaches.

COSYN creates intentional connections between progressive companies and independent professionals. We break barriers between internal and external staff, opening a new space for creativity and growth.

Combining the expertise of a communications consultancy with the flexibility of a platform we are the next generation of communications consulting. We are COSYN.

We are as diverse as our clients!

Our team has decades of experience in communications - working on the company side and as freelancers. We understand the challenges of our clients and freelancers by heart.

  • "You can't solve today's problems with yesterday's solutions."

    Arne Kötting
    Founder, Consulting

  • "If you're the smartest person in the room you're in the wrong room."

    Alexandra Bodden
    Co-Founder, Strategy & Design

  • "You can learn something new everyday if you listen."

    Noer Paanakker
    Co-Founder, Development


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