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  • What kind of clients does COSYN work with?
    Our clients are all kinds of organisations with challenging projects that pertain to internal or external communication. These can range from big to medium-sized companies from the B2B or B2C sector, as well as startup incubators, associations or NGOs. Typically, our clients have an internal team of 5-10 employees in their communications department and are used to working with external support.
  • Which projects can be supported by COSYN?
    We can help with virtually all projects that have communication needs, from long-running change programs to short interventions. You can read more about  our products.
  • What makes COSYN's freelancers the best of the best?
    Our priority is to attract freelancers who are not only superb in their subject matter, but who are also fun to work with. We spend a lot of time working through our selection process. We primarily recruit people we have either worked with directly or who come to us through a personal recommendation from an existing member of the community. Each applicant then goes through a four-step selection process: The first step is a written application, in which we check motivation and personality. If that proves to be a fit, there will be an extended personal interview, where we assess the professional expertise but also the fit with our values. At the end, we perform trial work and obtain references. This gives us a well-rounded sense of who we’re working with.
  • How does COSYN select the right freelancers for a project?
    Since we know each and every one of our freelancers personally, we are able to identify the best fit for any given task and client team. Our matching process is not based on an automatic algorithm: First, we take the time to thoroughly understand our clients' project and culture. Then, we are looking for the perfect candidates in our Community, taking into account skills, personalities, team fit, industry experience and many other criteria (e.g. language, mobility).
  • How much do the COSYN products cost for me as client?


    These products are completely moderated by COSYN, following our own methodology. We are happy to prepare your individual offer based on your challenge and needs.

    COSYN Match

    Only when we have curated the perfect freelancer team for your next project, you’ll be charged a service fee of 20 % of each freelancer’s day rate.

    This fee covers all of the following services:

    > Personal call to discuss your project

    > Revision of your project briefing document

    > Matching your requirements with our pool of curated experts

    > Presentation of 2-3 perfect recommendations for each role

    > Organisation of video calls with preferred independent professionals (if required)

    > Hosting of an onboarding call with the selected independent professional(s)

    > Intervening in the event of problems (including the exchange of experts)

    > Central contracting and invoicing

    Additionally, we offer a range of products that can be booked separately, including a project scoping workshop at the beginning of the project or a kick-off workshop with your team and the independent professional(s). Please contact us for an individual offer.

  • Do I have to contract each independent professional?
    No, as a client you only conclude a contract with COSYN (consisting of a framework agreement and a separate project contract, specifying the details of the job). A contract with each independent professional is not required.
  • Is it possible that the independent professionals work on-site in a project office?
    Generally, yes. Experience shows, however, that the value of on-site assignments varies from project to project. For assignments in which freelancers need to have a deep understanding of your corporate culture, working on site can make a lot of sense. For other projects, regular meetings are sufficient. We only suggest the independent professionals who match your preferred working style.
  • Who do I have to pay?
    You pay COSYN and we pay the independent professionals. At the end of each month you will receive an invoice from COSYN. Once we have received your payment, the freelancer will be paid by us. Payments are made by bank transfer.
  • What measures does COSYN take to protect clients against the issue of temporary employment?
    COSYN works exclusively with freelance, self-employed entrepreneurs who are not employed by COSYN nor the clients. By means of structured compliance checklist, we discuss the modalities of each project with our clients to assess if our approach is recommendable for the respective setting. In addition, we conduct check-ins throughout the entire project to ensure that the freelancers assigned act independently in relation to the client at all times.
  • How does COSYN ensure the confidential handling of sensitive data?
    Confidentiality in line with GDPR is one of COSYN‘s highest priorities. We only share project information after you’ve given your explicit consent. All freelancers have committed themselves contractually to absolute confidentiality. We have data processing agreements with our clients as well as independent professionals.
  • Can I choose to work with a freelancer of the COSYN community without COSYN’s involvement after a project is completed?
    We want to build long-term, trustful partnerships with our clients and independent professionals. In order to secure our business model for the future, working directly with COSYN experts without COSYN involvement for a period of 18 months after the project has ended, is not possible.
  • What criteria do I have to meet to join the COSYN community?
    You should be a passionate communications expert in one of our seven COSYN core areas: Consulting, Content, Creative, Development, Digital Media, Live Experiences or Research. You should bring minimum 5-10 years of work experience in which you have successfully led your own projects and clients. The COSYN community is powered by the idea of sharing and collaboration instead of working in competition and isolation. If this also resonates with you, you sound like our perfect match…
  • How do I join COSYN?
    First of all, you should do a little soul searching if the idea of our community sounds exciting to you. We recommend to read our manifesto to get a better idea. The next step is completing our little application form at the bottom of the page „For freelancers“. Here, we want to get a first personal impression from you. If we think that COSYN fits well to you, we continue with personal video calls to get to know each other better.
  • Can I apply if I haven’t worked yet as a freelancer but have corporate/agency work experience?
    Absolutely! More people are looking for new, self-determined work and life models beyond the classic full-time employment. We at COSYN want to encourage and accompany people on this journey. Our community relies on the diversity of its members to make it more lively and multidimensional.
  • Do I have to pay COSYN when working on a brokered project?
    No. Our clients pay 20 % service fee on each freelancer's day rate. You pay nothing!
  • Does COSYN influence the amount of my day rate?
    No, you decide that completely on your own.
  • How many projects do you provide to each freelancer?
    There are many different areas the COSYN community can help in, but it’s hard to predict long-term needs for companies.
  • How do you select the right freelancers for a project?
    Since we know each and every one of our Community members personally, we are able to identify the best fit for any given task and client team. Our matching process is not based on an automatic algorithm: First, we take a lot of time to thoroughly understand our clients' project and culture. Then, we are looking for the perfect candidates in our Community, taking into account skills, personalities, industry experience and many other criteria (e.g. language, mobility). If the selected freelancers agree, we suggest them to the client and facilitate the selection and onboarding process.
  • How long does a project typically take?
    This depends on the project and the selected product. Our products „COSYN BOOST“ or „COSYN SPRINT” last between 1 and 4 days. However, „COSYN MATCH“ projects typically last a minimum of 10 days to several months.
  • Where does the project work take place?
    This varies from client to client. In some projects, working on-site makes a lot of sense, e.g. if a deep understanding of the client's corporate culture is important for the success of the project. For other projects, however, regular meetings (either on-site or via video conference) are sufficient. You will be informed about the specific client requests prior to each potential project – so you can decide whether this is suitable for you.
  • How much would I have to work on a project?
    This depends on the project and the client. Typically, it ranges from 50-100 % of your time.
  • Do I contract directly with the client?
    No, the contract is made directly between COSYN and the client. The benefit is that the clients do not have to register every freelancer in their own system which can take a lot of time and is often not accepted by the procurement department of the client. This enables everyone to concentrate on the most important task at hand: the project.
  • Who do I send my invoice to, and how do I send it?
    You send your invoice to COSYN. For projects that last more than a month, at the end of each month. For shorter jobs, such as COSYN SPRINT or COSYN BOOST, just after the project.
  • How does payment work?
    We pay you immediately after receiving payment from the client. Normally, this happens no later than 21 working days after the end of the previous calendar month or 21 working days after the end of the project.
  • Can I later choose to work with a client I met through COSYN without COSYN’s involvement?
    We want to build a long-term, trustful partnership with our clients and freelancers. In order to secure our business model for the future, a direct collaboration with a client matched by us without the involvement of COSYN is not possible for a period of 18 months after a project ends.
  • Can I recommend other freelancers?
    With pleasure! COSYN wants to be the most attractive creative freelancer community in Europe. Since we are very selective about expanding the community and spend a lot of time meeting potential candidates, we are not able to send masses through our application process. Therefore, personal recommendations from existing COSYN members are absolutely vital for the success of the entire community. We look forward to your recommendations.