The “FutureReady” podcast

The world is in a state of transformation unlike any time before. New and disruptive technologies, huge societal shifts, erosion of trust amongst consumers towards businesses.

As society, as organisations and individuals we feel that we feel that the old world that we know is changing: how we work, how we live, how we connect. Business as usual is over.

The question is though: do we want a return to business-as-usual? What do we want to keep? And what can we change for the better?

Luckily there are progressive and independent people and organizations who are already finding innovative and exciting answers to these questions, showing us that it’s possible not only to survive, but to adapt and thrive!

FutureReady is a podcast for and with thought leaders and change makers. Host and co-founder of COSYN, Arne Kötting talks to business leaders, academics, independent experts, artists and more, exploring four key pillars of a successful, resilient and future-ready organization:

  • Transformation & Innovation
  • Workplace & Culture
  • Thought Leadership; and
  • Sustainability & ESG

Focusing on one of these topics in each episode, we’ll look at the companies who are getting it right and talk to the experts and thinkers who are leading in each area, finding out what they can teach us about building future-ready organizations.

Expect insight, expect surprises – and definitely expect inspiration. Time to get FutureReady.

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  • #7 Executive Positioning

    Can psychedelics help create better leaders?

    Could psychedelics be an effective ally in the quest for wiser, more compassionate modes of leadership? Organizational change experts have increasingly been highlighting deep listening, humility, and intense self-reflection as the top qualities of future ready leaders. At the same time, recent scientific research has been suggesting that the openness necessary to embody these traits can more easily be acquired through psychedelic therapy. In this episode, FutureReady host Arne Kötting speaks to Maarten van Huijstee – the CEO and co-founder of Spinoza, an Amsterdam-based company that provides its clients with curated psychedelic experiences. Maarten is a strong believer in the potential of psychedelics to help make us better people – and to create better leaders. He is also a serial entrepreneur, and someone who has occupied executive positions in multinational companies such as Heineken and Unilever. That is to say that Maarten is the perfect person to share insights into the business, spiritual, and scientific sides of psychedelics. Ready to open up your mind?

  • #6 Workplace & Culture

    How can money close the workplace gender gap?

    In 2020, there were fewer female Chairs of the board than male Chairs called John in the S&P 500 companies. In 2015, working in the philanthropy division of a major bank, Diana van Maasdijk felt that she had hit a wall in her mission to advance gender equality. Frustrated by the slow pace of change when it comes to the workplace gender gap, she decided to resort to a powerful, yet controversial tool: money. Diana then founded Equileap – a company that provides investors with data on gender equality in the workplace, allowing them to make more responsible investment decisions. In this episode of the FutureReady podcast, she chats to host Arne Kötting about the current state of gender diversity in the corporate world. She also shares valuable pieces of knowledge and practical wisdom on how to change workplace culture, getting gender equality off the page and into life.

  • #5 Transformation & Innovation

    How to lead in the unknown?

    In today's fast-paced business world, change may sometimes feel like our biggest enemy. Just when we think we have found the most effective structures and visions for our organization, change comes unsolicited and forces us to rethink it all. But instead of letting fear take over, future-ready leaders must step into newness to catalyze organization-wide breakthroughs and innovation. To learn more about leading in the unknown, FutureReady host Arne Kötting talks to transformative leadership expert Dr. Nick Udall, CEO and co-founder of the nowhere group. In this 59-minute episode, Nick guides us through the "creativity roller coaster journey". Join us on this ride!

  • #4 Workplace & Culture

    How to build anti-fragile organisations in the 'new normal'?

    There’s a lot of talk about bringing people back to the office (or not), and what the optimal hybrid work environment looks like - but there’s often something missing from this ‘operationally-focused’ discussion. What about the impact remote work has had on people, and organizations as a whole? And how can we use our understanding of this to design the ideal hybrid scenario? Join us for a 42-minute deep dive into the complex transformations taking place in the 'new normal'. In this episode, host Arne Kötting talks to Dr. Lucia Garcia Lorenzo, Associate Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the London School of Economics, on how insights from organizational psychology can help us digest and learn from the wide-reaching changes taking place in today's hybrid workspaces.

  • #3 Workplace & Culture

    How to design a unique employee experience?

    Organizations spend around USD40 billion on customer marketing research, and 100x less than that on understanding and shaping the journeys of their employees.” Quite the contrast isn’t it! Maybe this accounts for some of what we’re seeing with the great resignation? And it also raises the question, if you don’t take care of your people, how will they take care of your customers? In our new podcast episode, we launch our chapter on Workplace and Culture by speaking to Magali Demierre, Global Head of Employee Experience at Philip Morris International who talked us through her learnings of shaping an end-to-end employee journey for 71k colleagues at PMI as it undertakes its ambitious transformation to a smoke-free future.

  • #2 Transformation & Innovation

    How to change with behavioral science?

    Changing our own actions is difficult, let alone changing the behavior of others. One of the hot topics when it comes to the question of how to effect change within organizations is an emerging discipline called #behaviouralscience. Tune in from today to hear our fascinating discussion with Antoine Ferrere, Global Head of Behavioral and Data Science at #Novartis where we explore how data and science can be used by organizations to both measure and improve the impact of #change on behaviors…

  • #1 Transformation & Innovation

    Can companies suffer trauma?

    Organizations everywhere are going through huge upheavals and transformations. On a change consultant’s PowerPoint slides, these can look like nice, neat and easy ‘projects’ that seamlessly move the company into its new MO. But can anything ever truly be neat and easy where humans are involved? Even the biggest transformation is ultimately a very personal, emotional thing – and what motivates one, can block the other… To understand the human dimension of change we spoke to Professor Dr George Bonanno, an expert in trauma, grief and resilience. Tune in to discover why trauma isn’t what we think it is, how we might remain flexible in the face of adversity, and why resilience is like a pie.

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    Introducing FutureReady

    Join our host and COSYN co-founder, Arne Kötting as he introduces the FutureReady Podcast to the world.