Introducing FutureReady

Show Notes

The challenges for organisations have never been greater. A tsunami of social change, the relentless pace of technological advances and – of course - navigating life in a post-covid world.

How to stay relevant and meaningful in a world that won’t stand still?

How? By being FutureReady.

Here our host and COSYN co-founder, Arne Kötting outlines the journey that FutureReady will take in providing insight and inspiration for organizations who want to do things better.

Together with business leaders, academics, independent experts, artists and more, we’ll be exploring four key themes - Transformation & Innovation, Sustainability, Workplace & Culture, and Thought Leadership. Hearing about the organizations who are getting it right, and finding out how to apply the latest thinking to building resilient organizations.

Expect insight, expect surprises – and definitely expect inspiration. Time to get FutureReady.

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