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Can companies suffer trauma?

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As we set out on the road to defining what creates future-ready organisations, we’re kicking off our first season: Transformation and Innovation -  how it causes disruption and affects both individuals and business models.

In this episode, we're focusing on one of today’s buzzwords: resilience. How are organizations and employees affected by sudden changes, and can they suffer collective trauma? Is resilience training effective and can companies even become resilient?

To find out more, host Arne Kötting talks with Prof Dr George Bonanno, Chair of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and Director of the Loss, Trauma and Emotion Lab at Teachers College at New York’s Columbia University.

02:50 Introducing Prof. Dr George Bonano - his background story and expertise in grief and resilience

05:06 Defining trauma. Where do normal experiences end and trauma start?

07:29 Does collective trauma exist? Why  “group experiences” of events such as Covid19 can be a contagious collective fear, but will not become a trauma for most of us.

10:05 Grief vs trauma in an organisational setting. Where the loss of status is linked with loss of identity.

12:09 The differences (and advantages) between individual grief vs grieving as an organization.

14:18 The shortcomings of the Kübler-Ross Model in an organisational setting and more.

17:22 A look at human resilience and whether it’s worth investing in resilience training within organizations.

23:06 The role of the flexible mindset and the flexibility sequence in practising resilience.

24:04 The Flexibility Mindset - why we need to focus on negative events to overcome them.

26:22 The Flexibility Sequence, how to deal with the feelings that arise by asking the right questions

27:33 The power of reflection in overcoming challenges

28:10 The role of leaders in establishing a flexibility mindset

31:24 Which personality traits can be trained to help leaders cope better with uncertainty

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