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How to design a unique employee experience?

Show Notes

For this exciting new episode of FutureReady, we focus on something that has undergone significant changes in recent years: the workplace. To understand how to stay ahead of the game in this transformative age, we consult with thought leaders in the field of workplace culture.

At a time when we see employees becoming a scarce resource, organizations need to do more to attract and retain the best talents. To shift away from standard employee engagement tactics, and move towards creating a holistic employee experience from hire to retire.

To help us dive into this topic, we spoke to Magali Demierre, the Global Head of Employee Experience at Philip Morris International (PMI), who explains the importance of the emerging concept of Employee Experience.

01:01 Introducing Magali Demierre: her professional background and the unconventional way she ended up leading the employee experience unit at PMI.

07:05 Looking at employee experience as a UX concept, considering diversity, equality and inclusion

10:01 Why employee experience is an untapped and underrated investment opportunity to reach communication objectives, the same way as consumer-centricity

14:23 The internal organizational set-up and workflow of the international and agile employee experience unit at Philip Morris International

16:15 On the importance of data collection and analysis in employee experience and how those insights are translated into actionable ideas

18:11 Discussing PMI’s place in the market when it comes to the development of the employee experience

21:02 Magali’s learning journey at PMI when creating her unit, developing their tools, and growing their demand internally through creative problem solving

26:36 What does the work of the employee experience unit look like in a post-pandemic, purely digital world?

30:10 Elaborating on PMI’s goal for a smoke-free world and how - based on her personal experience -  that affected the company

33:43 The future of employee experience: Why it’s still in a nascent - but critical - phase and where it’s going

36:20 What does hyper-individualization mean in terms of employees?

38:46 Magali’s thoughts on the future generation and how their needs are shaping diversity of thinking in the workforce

42:47 Book recommendations and other influences

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