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How to build anti-fragile organisations in the 'new normal'?

Show Notes

In this episode of FutureReady, we're focusing on organizational psychology and the insights it can provide us on how to navigate the 'new normal'.

It is no secret that the widespread introduction of remote and hybrid work has suddenly and completely transformed our professional lives. But the consequences of these changes to both our individual minds and to team dynamics are much more complex than they may seem at first glance.

How can companies stimulate knowledge exchange and innovation in digital workspaces? What much-needed changes to workplace culture is the ''Great Resignation' signaling to us? What lessons can leadership learn from the experience of the pandemic?

To help us answer these questions, host Arne Kötting talks with Dr. Lucia Garcia Lorenzo, Associate Professor for Organizational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics (LSE).

02:03 Introducing Dr. Lucia Garcia Lorenzo: her professional background and how she became interested in organizational psychology and in the field of change management

04:45 How we can contextually find both advantages and disadvantages to digital workplaces in comparison to on-site ones

09:00 Discussing the impact of remote work on employee productivity and the old misconception that equated 'telework' with an inefficient lack of control over employees

13:17 The impact that remote work has had on learning opportunities and ad-hoc exchanges, especially for recent graduates and new employees

16:53 On the importance of the office for innovation and on its changing role over the past decades – from a private working space to a collaborative, meeting place

20:54 Exploring the Great Resignation and the rise of more subjective measures of success

24:24 What are the current challenges to traditional conceptions of what a job is supposed to be like?

27:58 On mental-health and well-being – discussing how the return to the office after months in isolation can trigger social anxiety

30:45 How is leadership changing in hybrid work settings?

32:16 Lucia's thoughts on the development of antifragile leadership and organizational resilience

34:58 The role of communicators and change practitioners in helping leaders and employees navigate the new normal and manage complex change

37:31 Lucia's opinions on what are upcoming trends in organizational psychology - e.g. diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI), and business ethics and sustainability

39:08 On the growth of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial career paths

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