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How to lead in the unknown?

Show Notes

In today's fast-paced business world, change may sometimes feel like our biggest enemy.

Just when we think we have found the most effective structures and visions for our organization, change comes unsolicited and forces us to rethink all our practices and values.

In this scenario, it's easy for leaders to feel uneasy in giving up control and jumping straight into newness. But as uncomfortable as it may be, change is in fact our best business partner.

In this exclusive new episode, FutureReady host Arne Kotting talks to transformative leadership expert Dr. Nick Udall, CEO and co-founder of the nowhere group, about how to lead in the unknown.

In this fascinating conversation, the two explore how leaders can catalyze organization-wide breakthroughs by embracing what Nick calls the "creativity roller coaster journey".

02:39 - Nick introduces himself and talks about how his background in product design led him into his current work with organizational change and creativity

05:42 - About the apparent increase in speed and complexity in the business world throughout the past 20 years

08:03 - The business risks of aiming towards a singular vision of the future, and the benefits of holding multiple visions instead

10:01 - How nowhere's client issues and change management questions have been changing over the years

12:26 - How nowhere develops practices to help organizations and ecosystems move into a "pull" model of performance instead of "push harder" one

14:50 - The importance of slowing down to avoid organizational fatigue and preserve the organization's energy

17:20 - Nick talks about the unique reflection and growth opportunities presented by the post-pandemic world

21:13 - How leaders can lead the way for inspiring, psychologically safe workspaces - even by the way they carry themselves or enter a room

22:48 - What are truly effective tools and techniques for collective innovation and breakthrough?

27:18 - How to use design thinking to choreograph moments of breakthrough and transformation

28:57 - On helping organizations to tap into their collective wisdom

31:20 - About leading in the unknown and holding space for difference and diversity to flourish

34:59 - Is leading in the unknown too much to ask from leaders?

37:36 - The importance of practice in working with the unknown and harvesting moments of breakthrough

39:32 - About the role of individual self-care (for leadership) in preserving collective energy

43:57 - Why leaders should pay attention to their place and be more open to true collective thinking

46:30 - On the role of HR professionals in shaping a creative and curious workplace culture

51:48 - How a "message-based communication paradigm" is creating white noise in internal communications

56:06 - On nowhere's ongoing transformation and shift to make its catalytic practices more widely available

If you're curious to learn more about nowhere's work, check out their website.

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