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Communications projects can easily take month until they reach tangible outcomes.

Our products are designed to trim the fat. Enabling agile team-work between inhouse-teams and freelancers. Remote or face-to-face.

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    1 DAY

    Get instant ideas

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    4 DAYS

    Co-create a concept

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    > 10 DAYS

    Deliver an entire project

Best choice for

  • > Getting feedback on an existing concept or strategy
  • > Receiving many solution options in a very short timeframe
  • > Stress-testing a project viability

How we do it

  • > Prepare: Review of existing materials
  • > Run: Tailored 1-day workshop with selected creative experts and client team members
  • > Capture: Results documented in a comprehensive summary

Best choice for

  • > Developing a detailed concept at manageable costs and in a short time
  • > Ensuring full alignment with all relevant stakeholders
  • > Testing a concept before an expensive roll-out

How we do it

  • > Prepare: Pre-flight Sprint research
  • > Run: 4-day Concept-Sprint based on the Google Design Sprint approach:
    • Day 1 > Define the problem and brainstorm possible solutions
    • Day 2 > Prioritise the most promising concept route
    • Day 3 > Detail the concept
    • Day 4 > Test the approach with real users
  • > Capture: Summarise results in an interactive workshop documentation

Best choice for

  • > Closing specific capacity gaps in a project team without overblown agency teams and overhead costs
  • > Enabling direct learning with renown experts

How we do it

  • > We assess the project for gaps and match the team with just the right experts
  • > We ensure smooth and efficient collaboration until the project closes
Mathijs Bauer Project

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